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Home sweet home

Culturally diverse

Home sweet home

A place we call home sweet home with pride, a great place to raise a family


Hidden treasure

Culturally diverse

Home sweet home

A hidden treasure and land of many opportunities with all the advantages of the slow pace of rural Arizona living


Culturally diverse

Culturally diverse

Culturally diverse

Culturally diverse and historically significant; we envision the future by embracing the successes of the past

Our Vision

The proper balance of leveraging natural resources while preserving them. Understanding our complex talent pool and providing an environment that encourages long-term economic health and vitality for all!

Our Communities


Largest Regional Employer

Freeport-McMoRan is the largest employer in the region with operations in Morenci (in Greenlee County) and Safford (in neighboring Graham County).

According to Freeport, "Morenci is one of North America’s largest producers of copper and one of the largest open-pit mines in the world with great potential for growth and continued prosperity." 

According to Freeport's annual economic impact statement, "Morenci and Safford mines generated an estimated $422.9 million in economic benefits for Greenlee and Graham Counties and approximately $1.1 billion for Arizona in 2017." As of late 2017, Freeport's Morenci operations directly employed nearly 3,300 workers while Safford employed another 740. Adding in the ripple effects of spending by Freeport-McMoRan and its employees, Freeport was responsible for 10,830 jobs in the region in 2017. 


Asset Inventory

Economic development assets: Greenlee County, AZ

Population estimates & projections, demographics, age groups, income levels, school enrollment, educational attainment, poverty rates, labor force, employment, unemployment, workforce (by occupation and industry), housing units, vacancy rates, housing costs, home values, rental rates, commercial properties for sale, homes for sale, land for sale, planning & zoning resources, K-12 & higher education opportunities, health care providers, weather, climate, visitor information, hotels, restaurants, transportation infrastructure, shipping & parcel delivery, major metro markets, utility & telecom providers, incentives, taxes, regulation, financial services, census data, maps & more! 

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National Association of Development Organizations 2017 Innovation Award

In 2017, Greenlee County won the NADO Innovation Award (the only winner in Arizona) for their "creative approach to advancing regional community and economic development and improved quality of life" through the Health – The Highway to Greenlee County, Arizona initiative!

A safe-driving haven

Greenlee County is dedicated to providing safe roads for everyone. We're a hands-free community with our own distracted-driving ordinance because we care about safety and the lives of our residents and visitors. Welcome to our safe community!

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